Spectrum Updates Coming

October 27, 2017 / Comments (3)


During recent communications with Spectrum, they sent us this information to bring the Board up-to-speed on the progress of the additional billing concerns community-wide.
One of our Specialized Billing Agents spoke to a Brandywine resident and reviewed their billing and equipment concerns.  He made arrangements to switch out the adapters (no longer part of the Bulk Services) for HD boxes which are now included, made corrections to the account and was able to identify errors regarding Bulk service coding and internal notes on their account.  This is all now corrected for that customer.
A large scale review of numerous accounts within Brandywine resulted in the discovery that accounts were not updated correctly when it comes to their cable equipment and what is needed for the Spectrum’s price point.  As a result, our corporate billing standardization team is reviewing the Brandywine accounts to ensure all accounts are notated correctly to clear up all confusion.
Spectrum expressed their concern and commitment to making things right for our community.

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Spectrum Updates Coming

  1. SKIP WREN says:

    BOD……Thank you VERY much !!!!

  2. SKIP WREN says:

    BOD……On second thought — Thank you VERY VERY much !!
    Skip Wren

  3. Roberta myers says:

    I really wish cable wasnt forced on residence. So people do not want or need it.

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